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Here you can read everything about the streaming universe. You get a complete overview of all streaming services available in the UK and will find a thorough guide of the content on these streaming services. You can also get exclusive discount coupons for streaming services, tips on how to get the most out of the services, reviews of content and much more.

Today, you can find a wide range of streaming services, which offer streaming for different types of content. Streaming is no longer limited to only provide films online, but also covers music, e-books, audiobooks, newspapers, and video games. Learn more about all these different kind of services at

Film services

At we are focusing on all types of streaming. First and foremost, we focus on the classic and most popular type of streaming, hence film streaming, which covers a great variety of films, TV shows, television programs etc. Film streaming has been available on the web for many years by now. Most common are platforms like Youtube, where you can see all available content for free. One of the first subscription-based film streaming services was Netflix, which became a massive success.

Since Netflix introduced online streaming of films, tv-shows and television programs in 2007, many alternatives have entered the streaming market. Today, film streaming services like Netflix and HBO are about to outcompete flow TV. This is caused by the availability to choose whatever you would like to see at any time.

In the UK, you have the opportunity to stream both films, tv-shows, television programmes, and live-TV. Not one streaming service is alike, and they all offer different things, so it is wise to explore the streaming services before you start subscribing. We help you discover what the different streaming services offer and find the streaming service best suited for you.

Below you will find an overview of all the subscription-based streaming services. Click on them to read more about them.

Music services

Streaming of music is just as popular as the streaming of film, and it has been like this for many years. There is a lot of history behind the streaming of music and how the idea appeared. When Apple introduced their music service iTunes to the market, they were one of the first to sell music digitally, but in reality, the idea of streaming and downloading music can be dated much further back in time. If you haven’t heard about Napster, you should consider reading about it. We can also recommend the brilliant documentary about Napster on Netflix.

Napster was a service which made it possible to share music that you own with others, which then could be downloaded for free by the receivers. It was an unstable solution and caused big frustration in the music industry, as they lost a lot of sales due to Napster.

Napster and the music industry engaged in dialogue to find a mutual solution, where the music industry would receive their payment and Napster could function as a provider, but the two parties never reached an agreement. Napster still exists today as a regular music streaming service. On this site, you can read more about Napster and see how you can achieve a free trial period of 30 days.

Napster was the beginning of a huge development of the music industry, and only a few years later, iTunes was introduced to the market. Afterward, we have seen a lot of subscription-based music streaming services, where Spotify is among the most well-known services, which was the one who introduced subscription-based music streaming. Today, we also have WiMp, Apple Music and many more.

Streaming of e-books and audiobooks

The most recent type of streaming is to provide e-books and audiobooks. It is a natural reaction to the digital world we live in. It has become old-fashion and too time-consuming to go to the library or the bookstore, and with smartphones, tablets and an internet connection almost everywhere we are, it is a natural development that we can now also stream books and store them digitally.

Here at our main focus when it comes to book providers is services who provide streaming of e-books and audiobooks. That being said, there are several services in the market which also offer sale and rent of e-books and audiobooks, and we would like to enlighten our readers about these as well. Therefore, you can find recommendations and reviews of distributors, who offer sales of e-books and audiobooks.