After Fifty Shades of Grey the world tipped over by erotic audiobooks; there are actually so many that it can be hard to distinguish the good from the bad. And that is why I have done the work for you and collected the top 10 erotic audiobooks.

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Bared to You

Bared to YouThe first book on the list is the frustrating and yet teasing story by Sylvia Day. In the book Bared to You we follow Eva and Gideon who, in this first book out of three, meet each other, get extremely infatuated, and falls in love. This strong trilogy has its centre of rotation in New York City.

Eva starts new advertisement job in a building owned by Gideon Cross. When the two passionate individuals meet each other, there is an immediate chemistry. But they both have their secrets and scars from the past, which challenges their love.

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Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of GreyWe can’t get around the bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey, which have sold more than 20.000.000 copies in the US alone. In this erotic novel we follow the young literature major, Anastasia, who opens a passionate, but at the same time complicated, relationship with the successful businessman Christian Grey.

Together they go on an emotional and physical journey on Christian’s conditions. Anastasia slowly finds out that Christian is hiding some dark, sexual fantasies, and even if she is cautious to begin with, she can’t hide her own, strong desire.

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GreyAfter Fifty Shades of Grey had taken every woman all over the world by storm, a lot of the book’s fans began requesting a new book in the series. A lot of the readers wanted to hear the exciting and erotic story seen from Christian Grey’s side. And thankfully, the bestseller author E.L. James was up for the challenge.

This has resulted in this arousing book and audiobook with the title Grey, where we follow the successful businessman and experience his side of the story; from the day he meets the young and compelling Anastasia. If you enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey you have to experience this as well.

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The Submissive

The SubmissiveThe Submissive is the story about Abby — a woman who lives a predictable and simple life as a librarian. Abby meets the attractive CEO of West Industries, Nathanial Vesten. Nathanial has another side of himself, which Abby knows about and searches for.

Because he is an indomitable and demanding dominate, who is always on the search for new and sexy women that he can use as his submissive in the extreme fantasies. Abby urges to submit herself to Nathaniel, and she gets allured deeper and deeper in his unbending terms; however, with the danger of losing herself and her heart in the hunt.

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The Choice

The ChoiceThe Choice is about the innocent nursing student, Heavenly Young. She is struggling to take care of her father, the start of her new career, and keeping a roof over their heads. Suddenly, she meets two extremely different men, which forces her to make a choice that will change her life forever.

Heavenly meets the sadist with three very important rules, Dr. Ken Beckman. She isn’t ready for a man like him, but he can’t walk seem to walk away, especially when he finds out that he isn’t the only one after her — Seth Cooper. Seth is only looking for a hot and good time up until the moment he meets Heavenly. Soon after he finds himself bewitched under the same spell, and struggles with the knowledge that he’s also got some competition.

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Queen Takes Queen

Queen takes queenQueen Takes Queen is the third book in the series Their Vampire Queen. In this book, the world’s oldest and most powerful vampire queens make a plan to eliminate the Isador queen before she can call enough Blood to protect her; but Shara has already drawn enough Blood to herself.

Even though she is already well fed and loved, she needs more; not only more Blood, but also allies, and a queen of her own. Will Sarah be forced to choose just one?

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54 Ultra Short Erotic Tales Box Set Collection

54 Ultra Short Erotic Tales Box Set CollectionCarl East’s 54 Ultra Short Erotic Tales Box Set Collection holds all three of the 18 Ultra Short Erotic Tale bundles from 1 to 3, and is bound to not only make you happy, but also provide you with whatever you are in the mood for.

If you are in the mood various, short, graphic, and erotic stories this is a great alternative. The narrators’ sweet and sensual voices will allure you in every single story, and you wont be disappointed.

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Her Body and Other Parties

Her body and other partiesIn Her Body and Other Parties you will experience the border between magical realism, science fiction, comedy, horror, fantasy, and fabulism, which are all seen through different women’s narratives; a woman refuses to let her husband remove the green ribbon around her neck; another woman talks about her sexual encounters as a plague, spreading around the world; a woman’s weight loss is the result of an unwanted house guest.

Her Body and Other Parties narratives show each woman’s life and the violence done on their bodies — it changes from dreadful violence to the most beautiful sentiment and eroticism.

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Chosen by the Vampire Kings

Chosen by the Vampire KingsTwo vampire kings, in separate territories, are both eager to chose their future brides during the traditional ceremony where all eligible females in Sweetwater are assembling. Tanya, who is among the many women, thinks the whole thing is out-dated and sexist, and the fact that two rich and handsome males are standing in front of her doesn’t seem to be very important.

Tanya had never dreamed that she would get picked by one of the kings, let alone did she want him to, so when King Brant choses her she is confronted with a dilemma; can she convince him to let her go, or will she find a way to escape his muscled and delicious clutches?

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Dublin Street

On Dublin StreetThe last audiobook on the list is written by Scotland’s answer to E.L. James, Samantha Young. In Dublin Street we follow the young woman, Jocelyn Butler, who is trying to escape her dark past in the US by moving to Scotland. She moves into an apartment on Dublin Street, and soon after everything changes.

Here she meets the successful businessman Braden Carmichael, who sees Jocelyn as his erotic partner in a hot and casual relationship. However, it doesn’t take long until Braden wants more, but Jocelyn is afraid to let her guard down and open up for her dark secrets of the past.

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