China, the interesting country with more than 1.3 billion of population is one of the most powerful countries in the world. Well, its language is also so powerful! Chinese (mandarin) was chosen as the hardest language in the world and, of course, the most spoken.

Now, you might be thinking how hard it will be to learn this language or how will you even get its syllables. I mean Chinese (mandarin) is so complicated in a way that sometimes the same word means totally two different things and the only way to know the meaning is by pronunciation. I am not saying this to make you worried but contrarily, I am just giving you a clear reason to learn this language and help you improve yourself.

Learn Chinese (mandarin) with Paul Noble

Learn ChineseI hope you are still following up with this article because I will show you some magical tricks that will make you learn Chinese (mandarin) like it is basics of English alphabets. Starting with Paul Noble, the man who surfed the world to bring the most useful material right at your own hands. He even used the consultation of native Chinese people to form its audiobooks.

Chinese (mandarin) phrases made simple and explained on 15 hours of audio distributed on 3 audiobooks. This new approach of learning will help you memorize the sentences as well as the pronunciation so you will have no problem with talking to Chinese people when you finish your Paul Noble audiobooks.

The audiobooks are available on Audiobook, the web page on which you can access a rich variety of audiobooks dealing with languages and different other topics when you choose the 30-day free trial. You can also enjoy further services after extending your membership for approximately £12 monthly.

Learn Chinese on Audiobooks for free

Learn Chinese (mandarin) for beginners with Parallel Audiobook

Learn MandarinParallel audiobook is a very creative idea to help beginners start with their new language course. For Chinese (mandarin), it will never be the hardest language in the world but the total opposite of that, the easiest language you can get after following a course with learning and fun combined.

How are you willing to memorize the Chinese accent only with paper course? That is impossible if you don’t a professional by your side. Well, Parallel audiobook is that professional who is going to show you the most proper way to learn mandarin with no previous experience.

Parallel audiobook guides beginners through the alphabets of Chinese (mandarin) with only audio files to help them get the most accurate pronunciation so that the wall of misunderstanding falls between the tourist and the local.

You can find Parallel audiobook on Audiobooks. Get the 13-hour Chinese (mandarin) audiobook for free for the first time and let’s see if you will change your mind about extending your membership to explore more than 40 new languages available on audiobooks.

Learn Chinese on Audiobooks for free

Learn Chinese (mandarin) with Mondly app

MondlyMondly is a new start-up that gained a worldwide recognition thanks to its useful services in the field of language learning. More than 33 languages are available on this app including Chinese (mandarin).

The easy approach that this app uses is transparent to any type of users ranging from young pupils to the elderly who would like to discover a different thing. It is professionally made so it can be understandable to different users. Simple audio phrases with their transcription and English translation as well as a little guidance on how to draw the mandarin alphabet.

Mondly is free on the app stores for android and iOS smartphones unless you want to upgrade for around £10 monthly to enjoy access to all the material of different languages available on their database.

Learn Chinese on Mondly for free

Finally, Chinese (mandarin) is really not easy to learn and it takes a lot of time. But why keep mourning instead of standing up and taking the right decision right now. Follow the three methods cited above and you will be a fluent Chinese (mandarin) speaker. Start with Parallel audiobook for basic essentials then move to more advanced courses on Paul Noble three-part audiobook and don’t forget to use mondly along the way so you can benefit the most from this programme.

By the way, China is a wonderful country, so if you are looking forward to paying a visit, you better know a little about their language – Chinese (mandarin) – to have a better experience out there. And the way for that starts here!