Always wanted to learn French? Maybe pay a visit to Paris? And enjoy a glass of French wine in the alleys of France like a local?

Well, this isn’t that hard! If you really have an inner desire pushing you to learn the language of romance then we are here to help you become a French speaker online and for free. These audiobooks and apps will make French look so easy. Take a glance down and enjoy your French learning journey!

Learn French for beginners with Parallel Audiobook

French Parallel audioIt is recommended for first time French learners to start with Parallel audiobook. This material has it all, from the basics of French language to rich vocabulary that will help you master this language like a native. Parallel audiobook teaches you the French accent using simple phrases played in audio at an easy tempo.

Parallel audiobook phrases are clear, fun and simple. After all, it is made for beginners to make them familiar with French so you will not find advanced stuff. However, if you feel like you have acquainted an intermediate level in French and need to explore higher level vocabulary, feel free to check Paul Noble “next steps” French audiobook. It will absolutely help you complete your route towards perfect French language.

You can listen to this audiobook at Audiobooks. Audiobooks costs around £11-12 each month. But you can get a 30-day free trial (no strings attached), which means that you will get the first audiobook completely free.

Learn French on Audiobooks for free

Learn French with Paul Noble

Learn French with Paul NobleWith Paul Noble audiobooks, French language has never been easier. This man used to struggle with learning languages at school and then decided to come up with this brilliant idea that helps millions of people nowadays learn new languages: “Learning a whole new vocabulary while listening to discussions”.

On Paul Noble audiobooks, you will find more than 6000 French words evoked in simple audio files that deal with different topics such as: having an idea about the French culture, learning the basics of grammar and conjugation, and all the other essential material that you will need in France like when taking a taxi or booking a hotel or savouring a well-baked French croissant.

Paul Noble’s audiobook is available on Audiobook. Try Audiobook for free for 30 days by clicking on the link below (no strings attached).

Learn French on Audiobooks for free

Learn French with Mondly app

MondlyMondly, available online on the website or as an app for android and iOS smartphones, is a well-studied app that contains all the necessary information to learn a new language. This app will be your teacher of more than 33 different languages including French.

Based on the same concept of audiobooks, it has a special audio-visual material capable of turning your experience of learning French into a mesmerising adventure.

On the app, learning French will look like a game: You will be asked to complete certain assignments (easy tasks to exercise your knowledge) and achieve a given level after making points. It may look like some sort of exam but you will only be competing with yourself, looking forward to achieving a better level than yesterday every time.

Mondly is recommended by millions of users worldwide. With this app, you are only one move away from mastering the French language, and this move is getting the app and start learning.

Learn French on Mondly for free

Are you still thinking about it? Just give it a try and use these most convenient methods to help you on your way. Whether it is Paul Noble audiobooks, Parallel, or Mondly, you will always have the opportunity to learn French in a different way. No more teachers, no more evening classes, no more long hours of revising. Just open the audiobooks and enjoy learning the language of romance while on bed or on bus or everywhere.

These methods are brought to you by people like you who first struggled with learning a new language but then found a useful way and decided to share it with others. Be one of millions of people who benefit from these apps and online services for free and be the inspiration of many. Now, all what I have left to say is Bonne Journée!