Maybe you consider German – or Deutsch as called by the locals – as a violent language or where people express their mind angrily and by yelling. Maybe you watched that video comparing different people the word ‘butterfly’ in their own native language and you found that ‘Schmetterling’ was too violent for the word.

Well, it is not the case at all, because German language is very old (dates to the 7th century) and English is kind of derived from the old German language spoken by tribes in the North sea that’s why they both belong to the same family and that’s a clear reason why German won’t be that hard. Especially with our new developed ways that will help you learn Deutsch.

Learn German with Paul Noble

Learn GermanPaul Noble’s new approach of learning languages has nothing to do with papers and long teaching hours just to get the alphabets. It is new, modern and totally developed to fit everybody’s needs and to make learning the hardest languages look like morning coffee.

Actually, German is not one of the hardest languages; it is not even that hard. In same family as English, it shares many rules and sometimes sentences. You won’t struggle at all when following Paul Noble audiobook for German.

The audiobooks contain more than 6000 German words brought to you in a simple way so you can memorize full sentences in order to acquire the skills to talk with Germans. Using this method, you will have an advanced level of German.

If you like this option, then visit Audiobooks and get a free trial for a month. You will never regret it!

Learn German on Audiobooks for free

Learn German for beginners with Parallel Audiobook

Learn German audiobookWhether it is hard, non-understandable, different… Parallel audiobook will always make it easy for beginners. I mean, people who created this audiobook are genius in a way that helps millions of people learn a new language in a matter of days.

German audiobook has only 10 hours of audio thanks to which you can explore the basics of this language and help yourself during your stay in Germany such as asking locals where to eat and the directions to your hotel or anything else.

Parallel audiobook will also provide you with rules of grammar and conjugation so you can become an “expert”. Anyway, it is really easy and helpful if you want a convenient way to learn German as soon as possible.

It is available on Audiobooks, so what are you waiting for to enjoy your one-month free trial and learn German.

Learn German on Audiobooks for free

Learn German with Mondly app

MondlyMondly is a worldwide app made especially for people who accept new challenges and are out there to take a new step in their life and start with learning a new language. If your next challenge is learning German, then I am here to assist you with a leading innovation that will teach you German so quickly that you will never even notice, Mondly.

This interesting app has an audio visual interface that consists of audio sentences in German attached to their written visual explanation in English. That way, you will be able to memorize the phrases using audition and vision which is a huge advantage for the brain to learn German quickly and easily.

With a special recommendation from language experts, it is highly advised to use this app regularly if you are learning German so you can benefit the most from its services.

It is freely available on app stores for android and iOS smartphones and you are only a click away from starting your new amazing German learning programme from your smartphone.

Learn German on Mondly for free

To conclude, I can say that you are the one who is responsible for your own self, whether you want to take this new challenge or no, that’s all up to you! But, believe me, learning a new language will widen your ambitions and broaden your knowledge. Even if you have nothing to do, just start by learning German, maybe you will have the opportunity to visit Berlin, how would you deal with locals, keeping in mind that local Germans don’t like foreign speakers that much!

With Parallel audiobook, you will get the basics of this language, with Paul Noble audiobook, you will deepen your knowledge of German a little bit and learn about grammar and complex sentences but nothing complicated, and finally with mondly, you will know everything about this language.

We wish you good luck with your new German language journey, Tschüss!