Buongiorno! Are you looking for a new idea for the next interesting thing you will do with your life? Do not think twice, you will learn ITALIAN. Whether you are a nomad who is staying in Italy for the next few months, a casual visitor looking forward to exploring the rich culture of this Mediterranean pearl, or a food addict who dreams of enjoying the most delicious pizza in Napoli, you must learn Italian.

And today, we are going to help you acquire all the necessary skills that will make you speak Italian like a local. Not by using overwhelming classic material, but with our exclusive audiobooks and apps that will make Italian engraved inside your mind forever.

Learn Italian with Paul Noble

Learn ItalianIt would be great if you start your Italian learning journey with Paul Noble audiobooks. This man spent his life studying new languages and gathering all the essential materials to help people learn different languages including Italian.

The vocabulary used on the audiobook is totally simple and clear. Besides, you can learn at your own pace with a convenient tempo that will help you put in mind the basics of Italian language easily and at no time at all.

Isn’t it amazing how easy you can learn Italian? Just using Paul Noble audiobooks which consist of three parts will allow you to become the most proficient Italian speaker.

You can find Paul Noble’s audiobooks for Italian learning on Audiobooks. Try it for free for 30 days and if you like the experience, pay around £12 to get a monthly membership and enjoy the other parts and maybe even try out some new different languages. Who knows!

Learn Italian on Audiobooks for free

Learn Italian for beginners with Parallel Audiobook

Learn Italian for freeWith Parallel Audiobook for Italian, this language has never been more straightforward. I mean, on this audiobook, you will only find the essentials that will make you talk Italian with no complications or deep explications of grammar and linguistic stuff.

Parallel audiobook is supposed to help people new to Italian, however, many professionals use it to check the quality of their pronunciation and improve it.

10 hours of Italian phrases simplified and explained brought to you by Parallel audiobook. Imagine spending half an hour everyday listening to it, you will finish only in 20 days and the results will be awesome. Believe me! You should give it a try because if you don’t, you will regret missing the easiest way to become a fluent Italian speaker.

Parallel audiobook for Italian is available on Audiobook. Give it a try and enjoy one of the most interesting experiences of learning a foreign language in your life.

Learn Italian on Audiobooks for free

Learn Italian with Mondly app

MondlyWhat would be easier than learning a whole new language from A to Z using only your phone? That seems crazy but Mondly app made it possible for you to learn Italian and plenty of other languages right now on your phone.

With the help of phonation experts and native Italians, Mondly contains a consistent material of Italian language on audio files and visual help. In other terms, you will listen to Italian phrases and watch them written in words on your phone’s screen as well as the English translation.

Briefly, learning Italian on Mondly app will be fun and you will be so proud of yourself after finishing your course on this app.

This app is accessible either from your laptop on App.Mondly.com or on your phone from the play store (this app supports both android and iOS versions). Besides, you can pay a little amount to gain access to more than 33 languages.

Learn Italian on Mondly for free

At the end, I want to say that learning a new language is a really serious challenge that takes time and effort, but now that you have all what you need to start learning Italian from Paul Noble, Parallel audiobooks to Mondly app, then what are you waiting for to start this challenge and add Italian to the set of languages in which you are fluent.

And hey! Do not forget to visit Italia; it is absolutely worth it! Especially the pasta you will get in a local restaurant or the original Italian pizza which is one of the most delicious things you will ever taste. And don’t worry! You will have no problem talking to locals if you tried one of our audiobooks. BUON APPETITO!