A goodnight story is an important piece in each and every family with children. Especially when the kids are small a goodnight story can be very essential to get them to fall asleep and have a long and good nights sleep. That story you get with these 3 bestseller books from Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin.

His book “The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep” is an award winning childrens book and the follow ups about an elephant and a tractor are also very popular. The new and innovative storytelling helps you kid to fall asleep much better than a regular goodnight story. Listen to all 3 books for free on Audible for 30 days.

The Rabbit who wants to fall alseep

In this book, the first of the 3 books to be published, you follow the rabbit Kalle on his quest to fall asleep. He just can’t fall asleep, but it turns out that there is someone who can make everybody fall asleep, and with a little help Kalle the Rabbit find the place where you can fall asleep and sleep all night. You can find it as an audiobook on Audible for 30 days.

Listen to the audiobook for free

The Elephant who wants to fall asleep

Because of the popularity of the first book the author have written 2 more books. In this book you follow the elephant Ellen on a journey through a forrest, where she meets many different creatures and figures who all help Ellen fall in a deep sleep. In the end Ellen have gotten so tired that she falls asleep and sleep till the morning light. You can listen to this book for free on Audible for 30 days.

Listen to the audiobook for free

The Tractor who wants to fall alseep

In the third and most recent book in the series, we follow the red tractor Alex. The book is written with the same innovative storytelling method as the others. Alex drives around the farm because he can’t fall asleep. He visits alle the different animals that lives on the farm, till finally he gets so tired he falls asleep in the barn. You can also find the audiobook on Audible for free for 30 days.

Listen to the audiobook for free